WWE's catering extraordinaire.

In relation to Bob Ryder.

Was in an okay tag team with Curt Hawkins where they stole Edge's gimmick and won the tag team titles.

Later stole Robbie E's gimmick.

Hosted a shitty internet show that made The Jersey Shore look like Game of Thrones by comparison.

Declared himself "Internet Champion" by awarding himself a shitty looking replica Intercontinental Championship that he later replaced with a belt that had his face on it. All this despite never giving rightful contender, JonTron, a shot at the belt.

Despite getting loud reactions from the crowd, this untalented doofus was a ratings black hole, proving once and for all that live crowd reactions don't mean shit anymore.

Was knocked back down the card after a forgettable US title feud that Dolph fucking Ziggler of all people carried and his brainless fans thought he was BERRIED for no reason despite being little more than a jobber who never drew a dime.

Currently being carried by certified great man, Mojo Rawley, as one half of Smackdown Live's greatest tag team, The Hype Bros.

Naturally, he fucked even that up and got injured when they were close to becoming tag team champions.

Is planning on bringing back his shitty internet show to the delight of no one.

King of Caterers

The King of Catering

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