Overrated indy faggots who compete for New Japan.

Believe "good wrestling" consists of nothing but blown spots and zero ring psychology.

Finishers have such "clever" names, such as "Indytaker" and "Meltzer Driver" get it! Cuz they're independant wrestlers!

Live up to their names by building damns in their spare time.

Had a TNA run that no one remembers.

Are proud that they are not interested in earning a decent paycheck in WWE.

Are members of the Bullet Club in NJPW where they play the important role of Kenny Omega's bitches.

Regularly play professional wrestling on Old Man Cornette's lawn. Games usually last until he sprays them away with the hose and bitches about those darn kids on twitter.

Are regularly booked to bury tag teams that are actually good in ROH for some stupid reason.

Performed a thousand flips, never drew a dime.


The Young Bucks posing for a picture.

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