The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame is even more of a sad joke than the WWE Hall of Fame. Every year, a small group of Internet retards decide who is and isn't worthy to go into a so-called 'Hall of Fame' that only exists in the minds of Dave Meltzer, The Mexican, and a group of children Dave keeps locked in his basement.

Probably the only Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame that includes Triple Fucking H and Konnan, but Dave makes a hate-filled rant every year why Sting doesn't belong in it.

One of the earliest inductees was Chris Benoit. Even before most people had even heard of him. After Benoit killed his own wife ans seven-year-old son, Dave put it to the 'exclusive' group of voters whether Benoit should be removed from the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. It was unanimously decided to keep Benoit in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, as killing your own family is far less important than having all those **** and ***** matches in empty arenas.

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