Unemployed, middle aged, bald man who has managed to fail at every endeavor of his life including: Being a musician, radio-show host, wrestling fan, armchair booker, vendor, lover and human being.

He follows a variety of wacky, dumb-shit morals which leave his weekly wrestling podcast that of a level of a morning time preach show. He also manages to change the opinion of his DUMBER SHIT co-host, Joe Negron, with as little as three words or a blatant stare.

Wiggly is currently also one of the spontaneous co-host's of the CHIKARA podcast a-go-go. The only content he manages to add to this show is in the form of awkward silence and reverse-epileptic facial expressions.

Currently "over" with various indy stars thus making his life complete.

Sexuality or status of virginity is unconfirmed. Probably asexual.

Left his show due to negron insulting him.



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