Wes Destiny is a man. Genetically.

Debuting in 2008, Destiny firmly established his "no gimmick, true babyface" identity with matter-of-fact, introspective posting in the Bodybuilding and Sports forums. Shortly after his debut, he was booked by Terry Fiero in what was to be a "warmup match" for the legendary SDP in his preparation for the year's King of the Board tournament. That backfired, as Destiny won. No one cared then and no one cares now. However, he hasn't looked back since.


Destiny has played a valuable role throughout the history of Boardamania. As part of Klestiny Productions, he and Klitts have collaborated on numerous multimedia productions designed to generate hype and promote the annual event. Additionally, he is the only living human with a 4-0 record as a Boardamania participant, which include the following victories:

  1. Winner of the "Strength and Conditioning Ironman Challenge" over JNBCigars and Peachmachine
  2. Winner of the 120-man Battle Royal and the F4W World Title
  3. Defeated Eamoversion1 to retain the F4W World Title
  4. Defeated Bonemachine to retain the F4W World Title

It's all completely incredible or utterly pathetic, depending on who you ask.


Wes enjoys factions and, as of March 2011, was in no less than 37 of them. He has since added more to the list, but cautiously, as he "doesn't want to spread himself too thin."


Wes likes animals. Cats, in particular. Of the big cats, the lion is his favorite. He idenitifies with the animal's heart. He uses metaphors that pertain to lions, lion pictures, and lion sounds (text) as part of his regular boardinga arsenal.

In an ill-fated attempt to grow his hair out in 2009, Wes discovered that his hair is very curly and tough to maintain. The one positive was that he could dry it out and and expand it to resemble a lion's mane.

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