Wade Keller is a 30-40 year old man, who is known as the creator and editor of the Pro Wrestling Torch, a half-assed newsletter which often gives false rumors and shitty articles. The Torch was once highly respected, but post-1996, it evolved into a joke of a publication that never broke news, unless the news was made up by Wade.

Wade Keller is best known for starting false rumors (RVD is leaving WWE early) as well as shitty ideas (the referees shouldn't be clued in). He is considered a pioneer, as he is the first newsletter writer to think Vince Russo is a good booker, give star ratings to MMA fights, and employ Pat McNeill. And admiration for "realistic" headlocks, and dick. Samuel really hates the guy.

Keller created controversy by criticizing the widely popular Death of WCW book. Co-author Bryan Alvarez responded in August of 2006. Wade gave *** to a laughably bad Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu ladder match on an episode of ECW. Bryan read Wade's review of the match, and verbally bitch-slapped him. Wade Keller never responded. F4W and Torch subscribers alike lost respect for Wade after this move. Wade quietly went insane and shaved his head.

Wade still produces the PWTorch weekly (outside of the weeks that he takes vacations), working on it solely during business "off hours." He continues to post articles on the Torch website under the pen name "James Caldwell." Wade hosts the Torch Livecast audio show on BlogTalkRadio every weekday, except for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and alternate Thursdays.