The WWE Univrse is WWE's latest faggoty attempt to distance themselves from Southern Rasslin. As with calling the fucking BELT a '"Championship", or with calling their Female Athletes "Divas", so it was decided that having "Fans" would make it seem too much like an old-fashioned sport. Because of course, various forms of entertainment such as Movie Franchises, Televisions Shows and Musicians don't have "Fans", they have Universes!

It was most likely Stephanie or Brian Gerwitz who came up with this retarded idea. Thus when the fans(yes, the fucking fans dumbass) start chanting "Bullshit!" Michael Cole has to make some lameass comment like "The WWE Universe is coming alive!" Or when say Sheamus wins the fucking WWE BELT, can tell us that it was because "The WWE Universe was calling for it!"

Actually, considering that "The WWE Universe" usually has ideas and likes wildly different than that of the FANS, it is possible that "The WWE Universe" is NOT The Fans. It could very well be that "The WWE Universe" is some imaginary world that social outcast losers like Gerwitz and Todd Grisham inhabit along with their imaginary friends.

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