The WWE Universal Championship is a belt championship created by WWE's RAW "brand".

After the complete and utter failure of the original 2002 WWE split brand extension, WWE decided to do the same thing again in 2016. However, when the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ended up exclusively on Smackdown Live, the RAW brand figured that they needed their own top belt championship.

Since the WWE World Championship can only be seen exclusively on Smackdown Live, RAW decided that as the Universe is bigger than the World, RAW would create the brand new WWE Universal Championship.(Meanwhile the WWE World Championship can only be seen on Smackdown Live.)

The brand new belt championship was unveiled shortly before SummerSlam 2016, with the fans WWE Universe having fun. The first person to hold the WWE Universal Championship was "The Demon King" Finn Balor, who showed what a major Superstar he is by injuring himself in the match, resulting in his having to be out of action for six months, and vacating the belt championship the very next day, without having ever defended it. The WWE Universal Championship will crowned a new Champion shortly afterwards, in the form of big fat Kevin Slowens. Meanwhile, the WWE World Championship can be seen exclusively on Smackdown Live.

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