• Trained by one of the thousands of shit samoan workers
  • His first failed gimmick was impersonating Apollo Creed or being some Gay Mr. American contestant
The Virg


  • Threw his large dick on Pat Patterson's desk to get hired
  • Was Ted Dibiase's (Vince Mcmahons) slave for a number of years. Including taking ass kickings, Cleaning shit off of Dibiase's Boots and giving him Homo-erotic massages
  • Former Million Dollar champ (Which really doesn't matter since their were only 3)
  • Currently in a love/hate triangle (Or three way dance) with Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe
  • Absolute Shit worker
  • Was one of many black wrestlers to be recruited by former talent administrator Pat Patterson
  • According to CM Punk's Shoot, He once worked for Inoki in Japan (which has to to be bullshit)
  • Former Leader of the NWO Jobber Team, and as a member of the NWO, he served as "chief of security". And he fufilled his job, securing himself numerous ass-kickings as the first man in the ring during all NWO run-ins.
  • Cannot take a Booker T axe kick properly
  • Deadweights during The Giants chokeslams
  • Was easily forgotten as a member of the West Texas Rednecks as Curley Bill (what a gay name)
  • As Vincent he Never won a match in WCW
  • Once dressed up in drag on WWF's Prime Time Wrestling, calling himself "Virgilina" (which is dumb when he could have used Virginia)
  • Can be seen at wrestling conventions sitting alone with no one talking to him.
  • Became a meme on the internet due to this.
  • Memed his way back to WWE, where he once again became Ted DiBiase's slave (not the Million Dollar Man, his shitty son).
  • Ted Jr. fired him
  • Makes millions of dollars in "Fuck Money" everyday. How he does this is anyone's guess.
  • Spends it all on olive garden.
  • If you see him at conventions, he will give you a bargain discount of $200 for his autograph.
  • Has a tumblr page dedicated to his great exploits.