Wrestling careerEdit

Verhei was an independent professional wrestler in the Pacific Northwest, primarily wrestling as Shoulders Torelli and later transforming himself into the great Vinny V. The peak of both his career would be reached in the infamous "Hair Match" between himself and fellow Empire overseer Bryan Alvarez, which can be found on one of those fuckin' Super Chico DVD's that nobody buys unless it's a bootleg from KidZombie. The only man to have lost more money than 

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Vinny's Fantasy

he made as a wrestler, possibly because his ass was wider than his shoulders. Was denied a wrestling license in all governing states due to placing a hidden camera under a urinal. Also went by the nickname "RF."

Fishing and Hunting NewsEdit

Verhei is also the associate editor for the "Fishing and Hunting News" publication. How gay is that? Very.

Advertisers no longer wished to buy ad space in a poorly edited magazine and it is now out of business. Vinny now lives in a box on Bryan's lawn.

==Other Known Talents==



Once made love to 10, count them 10 sheep in one night

Loves to dress in womens clothing while taping the Bryan and Vinny show.

Will call you "Ricky Morton" if you give his groin the hot tag.

Is so lame that his mp3 player only plays .wma files.

Vince On WikipediaEdit

Vince has been declared 'unnotable' TWICE by Wikipedia. Wikipedia does, in fact, suck the high hard one, but this has to be a blow to his pride. What's left of it, anyhow.


  • Sucking cock. Lots of cock.
  • "frankstiens monster"
  • "X was disqualified for kicking too much ass"
  • "It was a show"