Vince Russo

The smartest man in professional wrestling today. If only someone would give him a chance with his new and hip characters and story lines. He is known for helping creating stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

The following is as taught from the Gospel according to Bryan Alvarez:

A secret WWE spy sent to destroy all other wrestling companies.

Is known for loving poles.

Hates all foreigners with a passion. Even Canadians.

Claimed once on a internet interview, with The Phantom, while working a program with Ron Killings, he told Jeff Jarrett to tell Ron be ready for a fight. Russo claims he hit the ring and he and Killings brawled for real.

Greatest WCW Champion of all time. His storied title victory ranks right up there on the night Flair beat Race, Steamboat beat Flair.

Once a worshiper of the devil, now sides with GOD.

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Vince Russo after his demotion to Assistant Janitor

Goes under the username sebber on message boards.

Is so creative, it took him two months to write that January 4th Impact.

Likes naming wrestlers after penises.

Favourite chant "FIRE RUSSO"

Enamored with RATINGS.

Russo's greatest moments Edit

  • Montreal
  • The beard in general
  • Bash at the Beach 2000
  • A reverse cage match with the girls
  • Super Eric
  • Dueces Wild Tournament
  • Egotistical Eight
  • Beaver Cleavage