Vincent Kennedy McMahon (August 24, 1945 - June 11, 2007 & June 25, 2007 - Present) single-handedly brought wrestling out of tiny, smoke-filled arenas and made it a multibillion dollar industry. A mind-bogglingly skilled technical wrestler himself, he was the greatest champion in ECW history. Even in his final days, McMahon had a physique that would be the envy of a man 40 years younger, despite never having taken steroids. The one less than morally upstanding act McMahon ever committed in his life was his failure to return James from Kentucky's phone calls.

McMahon exploded on June 11, 2007 for no apparent reason.

St. Elmo's Fire was being investigated in relation to the incident.

Appeared as a ghost on the 25th June episode of Raw.

Unfortunately, he was re-killed in January of 2009, murdered by Randy Orton's boot.

Is directly responsible for the deaths of 60 wrestlers under the age of 45.

Is married to old ass Linda McMahon who he has had 3 lovely children with, Stephanie, Shane and the Tripper. He also holds in ring victories against all of his family members.


"Jesus Christ! He loves the roids!"


"Hmmm yummy steroids!"

He's also taken lots of steroids but strangely suddenly stopped and started wrestling in T-Shirts when the WWE Talent Wellness Program was introduced. As demonstrated by the cover of April 2006 Muscle and Fitness magazine where Vince show offs his ridiculous huge body at the ripe old age of 73. If this got out to the mainstream press it would be jumped all over like a hooker in a 1980s WWF locker room.

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Having Shane