Eddie Fatu is a professional wrestler known previously as Jamal, Ekmo and Samoan Typhoon who currently wrestles for WWE as Umaga. He is a former Intercontinental champion after having squashed The Italian Frog. Umaga lost the title to Jeff Hardy after failing to exude Wellness. Umaga usually kills people by sticking his thumb into their throat - it looks exactly how it sounds.

Vince McMahon always gets him.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicknamed 'The Samoan Bulldozer'.
  • Two time Intercontinental champion.
  • Also worked in All Japan as a member of RO&D (Roughly Obsess & Destroy).
  • Can't eat more than Kobayashi even on a good day.
  • William Regal called him "Umanga" proving that British humour is dri & funnay.
  • People who merge his gimmicks advocate the names Joomaga and Jamalga.
  • Vince McMahon loves the man even though he lost him a hair versus hair match.
  • Is fond of screaming the words FAAAAAAAAAAAAA SAAAAMOAAA!!!
  • Has a tattoo depicting his late relative, former WWF Champion Yokozuna, on his right arm. The tattoo is often obscured by his Samoan Wrist Tape.

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