UltraMantis is the grand chancellor of the The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple began his wrestling career somewhere in the world when he was a young boy. Other wrestlers complained that his severely burnt flesh made it hard for them to get a grip on UltraMantis in order to beat the crap out of him. This is when UltraMantis started wrapping himself in bandages and made an appearance at WCW's October Havoc, where he had sex with Hulk Hogan. UltraMantis left wrestling after that humiliating experience and vowed never to set foot in the ring again. He now works as an animal vet/ventriloquist in southern Australia.

Fun Fact: UltraMantis was horribly burnt to a crisp as a child and had to spend thirteen long, lonely teenage years all alone in his room with the curtains shut. During this time, UltraMantis dedicated himself to his favorite hobby, inventing new variations of salad dressing. He worked day and night, often as long as four hours each day. After thirteen years of almost constant work on his dressing, he failed to produce a single edible salad dressing.

Other Sources: If you wish to learn more about UltraMantis, you can contact UltraMantis at the following address ... UltraMantis, C/O Andre Agassi, 453 Spring Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90217.

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