Also known as Twan the Prophet and Twan the Baptist. The events of June 12th 2008 were foretold in the Book of Twan, which states: "..and on that day when the heavens align and Jews and Mexicans finally put behind them their millenia of differences, there will be holy union and thou shall read the observer online for $7.99" Truly wise words

Twan was a one-time (literally) poster on The Board. He apparently joined The Empire in order to receive copies of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which The Mexican had publicly advertised numerous times. The Mexican had even once taken out a full page ad in Pro Wrestling Illustrated of himself wearing a pair of jockeys, which read "If you can read this, then you can read free issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter at".

Twan, outraged over the false advertising, immediately aired his grievance on The Board, and demanded that Bryan give him a refund. At first, Bryan refused. Many posters on the board showed sympathy toward Twan, noting that this was another example of Bryan abusing his power. Bryan responded by drinking tea, cackling, and sexually abusing Vince Verhei. However, after somebody tipped off Granny to Bryan's wrong-doings (many believe this man to be Buddy Wayne, although several others are speculated), Granny grabbed Bryan by his ear and demand he "apologize to the nice boy, and give him back his bicycle." Bryan did not correct Granny, but did give Twan his money back. Now every year, the board celebrates Twaniversary in tribute to him.

Twan is believed to now reside in a cave with Ole Anderson.

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