Sheldon "Triple Kelly" Parmalee is a grotesquely fat transsexual idiot who occassionally collaborates with RD Reynolds on the Wrestlecrap website.

He/she/it/whatever has NO understanding whatsoever of wrestling and all that goes into it, making offensive jokes about wrestlers/bookers/announcers/managers/fans despite he/she/it having had NO experience in pro wrestling besides masturbating to Shawn Michaels matches. Also makes unfunny jokes about how Judy Bagwell "should have learned the use of a coathanger" while pregnant with "Buff". Also makes the routine "faggot" jokes that are commonplace on Wrestlecrap. Can a transsexual actually BE hetero-, or -homo-, or bisexual? And why are the Wrestlecrap excrement so obsessed with gay people? Is it because they never get any, that they have to "look down" on people whose sexual preferences are different to theirs? Or are they all self-hating closet queers? In fact, no Wrestlercrapper can look down on anyone as a)they're all wedged into their parents' sofas, and b)they can't see down past their repulsive enormously-enlarged guts.

Anyway, for anyone who wants a laugh, "Triple Kelly" is now the lead inductor for Wrestlecrap, and is surprise surprise a Ric Flair and ECW mark. And he/she/it makes baseless insults against Hogan, Russo, Bischoff and Nash. Who would have guessed?

Then again maybe this monstrosity is one of Reynolds' or Braxton's "alter agos" like Pro Wrestling Illustrated used to do.

Rumors abound that "Triple Kelly" will be a contributor the the 4th Wrestlecrap book, which will deal with all the wrestling people that are supposedly "fags", and also rehash Survivor Series 1997, stating how Bret Hart was 100% in the right. Presumably because Shawn Michaels is a "homo". Well, "homo" means "human" so yes he is. The Wrestlecrap gang ain't "homos" because they're not even human. There is dogshit under my shoe that is closer to a sentient life form than any Wrestlecrap loser.

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