The Tough Brets are The Boards premier posse. Far superior to Team Real Deal.

Run with an iron fist by Bone Machine they improbably manage to make being part of an message bard gang cool and sophisticated.

Amongst other things Tough Brets:

  • don't cry
  • tag shit up
  • want no part of Boardamania
  • are saving up to buy scooters
  • are investigating the mysterious Mr X
  • are allies of nobody
  • don't stand for fluffin'
  • don't allow people to leave (see Hardcore Hogan)
  • don't whine like little bitches when they cut themselves shaving
  • can't read my, can't read my
  • are somethin' ta fuck wit
  • got a big ol' butt

Tough Brets - members listEdit

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