Todd Pentengill, Former WWE Announcer and International Celebrity

Todd Pentengill is one of WWE's greatest Announcer during they're greatest period pre Attitude Era.

Todd Facts:Edit

  • R.D. Reynolds favorite Announcer
  • Frosts his hair
  • Lusted after Sunny
  • Busted a nut thinking about Sunny
  • Never once looked at Stephanie McMahon
  • Triple H is his favorite wrestler
  • Likes Cupcakes
  • Hates Mexicans
  • Doesn't know what WCW is
  • Doesn't know what TNA is
  • Has never heard of ROH
  • Busted a nut thinking about Sable
  • Hates Fish markets
  • Favorite movie is Mannequin 2: On The Move
  • Wrestlemania 9 is his favorite Wrestlemania
  • Also loves the movie My Demon Lover
  • Had an epic nontelivised match with Jim Ross
  • Never by Moving Pictures is his favorite song
  • Listens to Quiet Riot daily likes its 1983
  • Never watched Nxt on account he doesn't have SyFy
  • His favorite album is Make It Big by Wham!

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