(Susan Moss, born- 8:30-9:30) Appeared on Nancy Grace with The Mexican, became a legend on The Board within seconds after her appearance. Is interested in appearing on Figure Four Daily. Known for her gigantic mouth and beautiful rhymes ('This doc should be under lock').

Susan is the goto gal pal in Nancy Grace's cockle of talking faces. Susan (Don't call her Suzie) Moss has provided input on other horrific American tragedies for Nancy Grace such as; Anna Nicole's crack baby and Paris Hilton's wrongful incarceration.

Click here to vote for Susan Moss as your FAVORITE talking head. Currently, Miss Moss has under 1% of the vote and is not displayed on the results page. This is a horrible travesty of justice with some obvious subterfuge going on from the fans of some trollop named Erin Burnett who is CRUSHING the competition with a massive 4%. Remember kids, YOUR VOTE COUNTS and if you don't vote, you cannot complain when Not The Woman With The Mouth (Respected business woman Erin Burnett) wins.

Political Stances Edit

  • Pro-cowboy, anti-wrestler
  • No deals for these disgusting drug doctors!
  • Those docs should be under locks!
  • "I'm Anti-tax, and pro after-dinner snacks!"
  • "I lift barbell plates, I'm sweeter than a German chocolate cake.The ladies pet, the men's regret and what you see is what you get. The woman of the hour, the tower of power, too sweet to be sour, baby"

Pix (SFW!!!!!) Edit

X susanmoss2X susanmoss

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