A Vampire named Kevin. Is the very definition of what WWE terms as Extreme.

Growing up in Transylvania, New Jersey. Young Kevin realised he wasn’t like the other guys at school, in fact he never met any of the other children, as he only took lessons at night due to being a VAMPIRE~! As daylight is deadly on his sensitive skin. Kevin's parents soon grew concerned over their son’s behaviour. Only ever leaving the house at night and returning home before sunrise with blood dripping from his ghoulish fangs. In an interview with the Transylvanian times in October 2006 Kevin’s parents where quoted as saying: “Well at least we knew he wasn’t gay, he would often come home with this Ariel girl and indulge in frequent blood orgies in the living room while we slept.”

After leaving school Kevin got a job working in a blood bank, but was soon fired after stock started to mysteriously go missing.

Kevin also appeared in a British TV advert for Fruit Pastels in his bat form and became a cult icon as Kevin the Fruitbat.

After a string of unsuccessful jobs working in hospitals, mortuaries and McDonalds, he turned up in ECW with his girlfriend Ariel and soon joined the New Breed along with The Teacher, that black dude who’s not Orlando Jordan and the Count Marquis von Cor.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Many people believe Thorn is the man who wrestled as "Mordecai" for a short time, on the SmackDown brand, in 2004. This, of course, is not true, as Mordecai was not a vampire.
  • Thorn is known for having an infatuation with salami tits. And blood.

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