A tag team that doesn't know how to sell, and never have their finisher kicked out of unless its in TNA.

Droz was made a member of the Road Warriors during a brief WWF stint, as a reward for his service, he was given honorary spiked shoulder pads. Later, in another display of friendship, Hawk and Animal also gave him a spiked wheelchair. Rumors persist that Hawk was working on a spiked cure for paralysis before his untimely death, another gift for poor Droz.

Made their final mainstream appearance as a team on a 2003 episode of WWE Raw, facing then World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Rob Van Dam. Many people (Hawk, Animal, etc.) believe that WWE could have done huge business if they won the titles in this match. Hawk, however, was instructed to put over Van Dam's frogsplash finisher. He did so by kicking out after the 3-count, then immediately jumping to his feet, and calmly walking out of the ring. He received heat backstage for this incident, and later died.