The NWA Chef Boyardee Memorial Title is a professional wrestling world championship. It is the highest ranked championship in the universe.


In July 2007, after Bork Laser lost the Third Generation International Wrestling Grand Prix Championship, he signed an exclusive contract to appear on planet Neptune in a battle against Chef Boyardee for the NWA title. However, this was not a sanctioned NWA bout as the only extraplanetary property in which the NWA is currently allowed to run is NWA: The Moon, which is owned by promoter Joey Eastman.

In Bork's match with Chef Boyardee, he paralyzed the Chef after hitting the Verdict on him off the top of a crater wall. Laser was immediately disqualified for his actions, and both men were rushed back to Earth. Bork Laser was found guilty days later for a crime which to this day is unspeakable, and Chef Boyardee was carried into a medical facility at Duke University for further investigation.

Upon learning of Chef Boyardee's fate, young wrestling fan Cactus Chris took advantage of the opportunity and drove down to Durham to pin the Chef. However, he then made a pact with Chef Boyardee that he would name the title he would receive after him, therefore making it the NWA Chef Boyardee Memorial Title. Chef Boyardee died 20 minutes later, but food lives on in his name.

Lineage and terminologyEdit

Officially, according to NWA's website, their position regarding the history of the belt is that the Chef Boyardee Memorial Title is a new title and not the same championship as the NWA World Heavyweight Championship before it, and that the championship does not inherit the title history of the belt, due to the fact that the first bout took place on a territory not controlled by the NWA.

Despite this position, independent announcers occasionally make allusions to the World Heavyweight Championship's history as far back as 1776, a reference to Frank A. Gotch's World Title reign where he received the title due to forfeit from George Washington (a United States President cannot be a professional wrestling champion).

Most recently, Bob Saget (the Commissioner for Chikara Pro Wrestling) has sent down word through Dan Lowth that the NWA Chef Boyardee Memorial Title is now a world championship.


  • The only superstars that have claimed the NWA Chef Boyardee Memorial Title are Cactus Chris and El Hijo del Ice Cream.

Current championEdit

The current NWA Chef Boyardee Memorial Champion is Cactus Chris, who is in his second reign. He won a 212-minute grueling match over former champion El Hijo del Ice Cream in an empty arena match. Cactus Chris is the first person to kick out of four consecutive Cold Stone Stunners.

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