200px-TNA House Show

Look at that dedication.

The origin of the TNA fan is a small studio at The Universal park in Orlando, Florida. Although they are small in numbers, they are known to breed communicating over the Internet and spawn daily. [The offspring] once fully matured, come to realize that they have waisted their lifes following the promotion and ultimately kill themselves by the means of self chin lock.

Every TNA fan is also unfamiliar with the principal of NO BUYS and believes he/not she are helping support the war against everything McMahon.

Reality is a foreign and dangerous concept in the minds of TNA fans. It should also be noted that the mind of the average TNA fan is extremely small and narrow. The IQ generally only reaches as high as 5, and often is in the range of -50 to the equivalent of dead.

They also don't know how to tabulate ratings.

Temporary TNA fansEdit

Temporary TNA fans are also not uncommon. Notable ones are those faggots in Jeff Hardy apparel during Jeff Hardy's tenure in the promotion and current ECW announcer, Tazzwell who could be spotted at spontaneous PPV's through out 2005-2006.

Notable TNA fansEdit

Dixie Carter[[Bryan Alvarez|

An obvious TNA fan loves everything Impact Wrestling and Dixie Carter


Jeff Jarret

Spike TV

Bryan Alvarez

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