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Total Nonsense Action

An unorthodox wrestling promotion founded on the following principles:



  • Unintelligible story-lines
  • Giving away the biggest matchups on free TV
  • Booking designed to avoid PPV buys
  • No continuity
  • No clean finishes
  • Every match must end in an angle
  • All wrestlers are equal
  • Complex rules such as reverse battle royals, reserves ladder matches with some sort of cage, and various items on a pole
  • No midgets
  • The entire roster must appear on each and every show
  • Any wrestler who enters from the WWE gets a world title run
  • A minimum of five wrestlers involved in every angle
  • Swerves = ratings
  • When WWE gets a hot angle, shamelessly rip it off on the next Impact

Not to be confused with Tits n' Ass, for those are awesome. TNA features athletic wrestlers who wrestle the same match week in and week out, along with a number of older wrestlers such as Sting, Kurt Angle, and Jerry Lynn.

For the last five years, TNA will be dead in six months, due to NO BUYS.

TNA is run by Jeff Jarrett, but it is owned by the GILF Dixie Carter. Head writer Vince Russo posts to THE BOARD~! under the username sebber.

Seriously if you enjoy watching anything from this promotion, you need to go get your eyes and brain checked.

Soon to change their name to Total Nobuys Asininity.

Awesome things in TNAEdit

Suck-ass things in TNAEdit

Suck-ass wrestlers who cut awesome promos in TNAEdit

Scary things in TNAEdit

  • Kurt Angle
  • Stomper
  • Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan with any sort of power.
  • Russo still writes the fucking shows.

Things you probably had no idea were even in TNAEdit

People smart enough to get the fuck out of TNAEdit

Heroes who think TNA is greatEdit

  • North West Territories, Canada

    The two guys who currently run TNA. I'm glad the hair plugs took Hulk.

  • North Berlin Germany
  • North Korea