Expert on everything to do with Sportz Entertainment.

Has the distinction of appearing on more WWE DVD documentaries than anyone not named "Shawn Michaels".

Most famous for portraying the character The Brooklyn Brawler, which was originally to have been called The 'Ballsac Brawler' before Vince McMahon the creative genius said "What is a Ballsac ? How about "Brooklyn".

Also appeared as Kim Chee who accompanied Kamala to the ring.

Kamala was a cannibal who liked eating human flesh.

Apparently Lombardi also liked eating manmeat.

Had the dubious honor of being less intimidating than Harvey Wippleman.

Was also one of the many rasslers to don the greasepaint and go out there as Doink The Clown.

Was fired from the role when Dink complained of sexual harassment.

Thereafter portrayed the character [[MVP}].

No, not that one, you dumbass.

This MVP was really called Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz".

Unless those were two similar, yet totally unrelated, characters.

Kind of like The Grimm Twins, The Harris Brothers, The Blu Brothers, and Skull&Eightball were 4 completely different sets of dudes.

Anyway, MVP was a baseball player who was always on strike.

It's a pity they didn't give that gimmick to Kevin Nash.

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