Ex-WWE Wrestler who somehow has appeared on every cable news show after the Benoit Murder/Suicide as a Wrestling "Expert".

Is a legit badass that has humbled not only Ken Shamrock but also Jeff Jarrett, Linda McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Ashton Kutcher. This list is still incomplete.

Also Head Cheese was a very underrated tag team.

Trivia Edit

  • For completely unfathomable reasons had the nickname "The Lethal Weapon" in WWE.
  • Once fought Ken Shamrock in a fake MMA pro wrestling match so bad millions of people mistakenly believed UFC must suck and never watched it even once.
  • Claims to have been close friends with dozens of wrestlers despite no proof of this whatsoever.
  • Has been eating peanut butter out of jars for the last 6 years since Vince McMahon fired him. Hopes to someday challenge Kobayashi to a peanut butter sandwich eating contest.
  • Test drove a coffin just in case Undertaker ever had a casket match with him for real.
  • Believes all his own hype, even the blatant lies.

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