what a shoutout would look like in a B&V cartoon

People pay The Mexican to get one of these things. They either subscribe to F4W for a year, or pony up five dollar for beer and medison, or in anchor's case they pony up double price just so Super Chico will play his crappy theme song. Shoutouts are then read on the Tuesday Bryan & Vinny Show, usually long after freeloaders stop listening.


  • Shoutouts must be 150 words OR LESS. If you go over The Mexican will cut words out at random.
  • You must always praise Bryan.
  • You must always pretend to praise Vinny, then call him fat.
  • Ask Bryan to praise people who never listen to the show (or the shoutouts - either one).
  • Plug your crappy band, particularly if they have a MySpace page.
  • Swear. PROFUSELY.
  • Make a lot of inside jokes.

Other methods for getting a coveted shoutout Edit

Famous shoutouts Edit

  • All those Anchor ones
  • Paul Danan
  • The string of Ian Hamilton based shoutouts. Get well soon Ian.

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