Overrated WEEBU Cocksucker from New Japan.

Debut in NJPW and became the Randy Orton of the company (including taking a shit in people's gym bags).

Had an MMA career no one cares about.

Got signed to WWE in 2016 and is feuding with Samoa Joe in the most enthralling snoozefest of all time for the NXT Championship.

Frequently suffers from seizures during his entrance due to the flashing lights and shitty rock opera music that plays while he heads to the ring.

Gets his fashion advise from Chris Jericho in 2016.

The convulsions he gets during his matches as a result of not taking a dump before the match is often mistaken as "charisma" by wrestling fans.

Is known as the "King of Strong Style" despite somehow having weaker looking kicks than Daniel Bryan.

Has a very Ichiban~~~

Is expected to be BERRIED~ on the main roster, according to The Meltz.

Hopefully won't botch as much as Mistico.

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