Son of Vince McMahon, brother to Stephanie McMahon, Shane at one time was the heir apparent to the McMahon empire, but now that’s all gone totally to tits. He will instead be doing important sounding but ultimately pointless jobs, like Chief Executive of Proactive Communication Analysis, while his sister and her husband rule like kings. Built up to

Is very good at jumping and sick bumps

Has pushed hard for the use of the Jackass guys, so when it all goes wrong, we know who Steph will blame.

Was once believed to be THE NEXT BIG THING after he jumped off high things for our amusement.

Fan of crash pads.

Built up to be a believable badass, who can take on five 250 pound men at a time.

Was intended to open up WrestleMania 23, like his father opened up WrestleMania III, in a symbolic passing of the torch. The idea was nixed by his own sister.

Looks like 200 pound of bird shit.

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