Dick Pic

The former "Architect"(aka Bill Ding) of the Shield, despite the fact that he was it's least important and least over member.

Named the future of the WWE and the face of the Authority, which entails him being unable to win matches without the help of Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

Cut boring, 60 minute promos every Monday to the delight of no one during his first world title reign.

Cheated on his fiancee with a Nazi and got his dick posted to the internet as a result, but apparently Roman Reigns is the worst human being ever for getting busted for Adderall.

Is apparently a totally safe worker despite retiring Sting and injuring John Cena and himself.

Got injured as a heel and returned from injury as a heel, as well. A concept the IWC is apparently too stupid to understand.

Despite the fact that he appeared in multiple segments during his seven month long title reign and feuded with Sting, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Jon Stewart, RAW was the "Roman Reigns show", according to the IWC. Note: Roman was a mid carder during this time.

Is considered a great draw by many, despite ratings tanking during his title reign.

Had a stupid blonde streak in his hair that he thankfully got rid of.

Is also known for making stupid faces whenever he does anything, ever.

Worst fucking Pedigree ever!

Masterful heel who is unable to generate any heel heat, or any reaction for that matter.