Santino as a goof in the crowd

Anthony Carelli wrestles as Santino Marella on Raw. He used to be Boris something-or-other in OVW. Santino Marella was quickly pushed as a face, and WWE Intercontinental Champion. Smart marks, including most on THE BOARD~! wrote Santino off as a lost cause, hoping he'd soon be let go by the company.

Santino quickly turned heel, and proved everyone wrong. He is now the greatest man to ever live, ever, ever. He is also banging Maria, which officially makes him greater than Jesus Christ.

Trivia Edit

  • Former Intercontinental Champion.
  • His Italian accent is faker than Salvatore Sincere.
  • When he said "People think I don't deserve to be champion" ten million people including Vinny screamed "YES INCLUDING ME!"
  • He's tough. Like Tom Hanks wida de aids. Don't believe him? He'll open a cana de asswhip on you and eat some low fat frozen yogurt.
  • Has a strict workout routine, mainly involving the "Squat THRUST!"
  • Has appeared on the cover of Playboy, with little Santino heads covering his fine breasts
  • Damn-a!
  • Has a unibrow mightier than all others.
  • Controlled the Honk-a-meter.

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