"Awwww... that was cute!" - Vince Verhei [[1]]

Verhei would later put himself forward for FBI investigation by declaring, "I want a happy tune and that young boy!" Get it? Vince is a pedophile. Other notable pedophiles include Isaac Yankem DDS and The Wack-Slut.

Samoa Jones is rumored to be living in Bothell, WA. He is also rumored to be fat.

Responsible (solely as sound editor, of course) for the "Happy Slammiversary, Baby" song; the "I'm about to pee on you! Shut up!" and "down with the hootlums" drops; and, yes, the Austin Belly Laugh drop.

Unlike most other drop creators, he doesn't suck cock THAT much.

Want to hear his pet theories on Chris Benoit? Merely mention it, you'll get five versions!