Joe Looking At His Dinner

Joe Looking At His Next Victim/Meal

Samoa Joe is a fat half-breed wrestler who was BERRIED by TNA, resulting in NO BUYS. He has also gone by the names Simoleon Joe and Samoa Jones. He puts whoop-dee-doo in his hair.

While always criticising TNA, he never says a bad word about the new ECW.

Is a huge collecter of clocks.

On Being a Fat FuckEdit

Looking like UMAGA after he ate Shawn Michaels!

Samoa Joe is big a fat fuck.

He has a fat dick too.

On Becoming a Fat FuckEdit

Decided to swap the ability to do corkscrew planacha's to eat more pancake butter.

Shoot NameEdit

Joe Brooks.

People He Has Eaten And/Or KilledEdit

Larry Sweeney



Scott Steiner

The Hitman

James Guttman

Tyson Kidd

Baron Corbin

His next target is suspected to be either Don West or a Baconator.

People Who He Has Had Fat Sex WithEdit

Terri Schiavo