Robgomm is a boarder of high esteem. He has a beard, and uses that to great benefit. Robgomm is a defender of Noobs to the board, and speaks both japanese and english. His English isn't very good. He likes fighting on the docks of Blackpool and wears a rain coat on days when it doesn't rain.

Robert Gomm is a fucking cunt. A Fucking Wild and Young Cunt.

Robgomm goes by many names. Here they are:

  • Cockjuggling Thundercunt
  • The Beard of the Board
  • Marty McGomm
  • The Blacksmith
  • Robael J Fox
  • Megomm Fox
  • The Bard of the Board
  • Bobby Gompers
  • Little Bobby Gompers
  • Big Bob
  • Big Boy
  • Snazzybeard
  • Beardy Pants
  • Robert Jonny
  • Pantsbeard
  • Robert
  • Bob from Twin Peaks
  • StevieJ
  • Lady RaGa
  • Matisyahu
  • Gommers
  • Shonky Honkers
  • Billy Piper
  • Transcendental Gommitation
  • Colour Gommentator
  • Gommielicious.
  • RobGommlin
  • Gommli son of Gloin
  • Bubble Gomm
  • RobGomm 2: Bride of RobGomm
  • Jesus Christ
  • SPunky backpack
  • The Gomm: Triple H
  • The Rob of Gomms
  • Rob Van Gomm
  • Kevin
  • Robert Gibson's Glass Eye
  • Hobo Jesus
  • Sex-Bomb McGomm
  • Knobgomm
  • Rob DJ
  • Rob of the Rings
  • Rob of the Rovers
  • Gomm to Ibiza
  • The Spice Gomms
  • Gomm with the Wind
  • Gomm but Rob forgotten
  • To Kill a Robgommbird
  • C.M Gomm
  • Gommzilla
  • Gommasaurous Robz
  • Master and Gommander
  • faROB of the Bride

Feel free to add!

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