Rise and Fall of WCW is a piece-of-crap DVD put out by Vince McMahon which portrays a fictional account of the history of World Championship Wrestling. Various nobodies read from a teleprompter to tell a very distorted tale, which serves only to make Vince McMahon and his inner circle look like real swell guys, and everyone else look like either a moron, a coward, an untrustworthy thief, or some combination of those. Viewers watching this Digital Excrement would learn some choice facts such as:

  • Jim Crockett was a great businessman, and it was only due to paranoid creditors that JCP went under.
  • Dusty Rhodes was a great booker with some excellent ideas that nobody found stupid.
  • Before Ric Flair got the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1981, typical NWA shows were boring Rasslin snoozefests, with crowds of fewer than 50 people.
  • However once Flair got the belt, every show was in a football stadium. Unless Flair wasn't there, in which case, they were held in outhouses, barns, or parking lots.
  • Or to put it another way, Ric Flair was the only guy to ever draw in the NWA. period.
  • And the Flair-Steamboat matches in 1989 drew millions, and everyone loved them. And if you don't love them, you're not really a wrestling fan.
  • Kip Frye never achieved anything for WCW. In fact he's such a minute figure in that company's history, I've wasted time mentioning him here.
  • Bill Watts is/was an all-around great guy, who turned the company around financially, booked the guys the fans wanted to see, and is most definitely not a racist.
  • Sadly some sissyboys who couldn't take proper bumps went whining and bitching to Turner and got him fired, despite his grossing over $100 million.
  • Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were both recruited out of a retirement home, but despite thier advanced age, they were still much bigger draws than the WCW guys.
  • Not counting Flair of course.
  • Nitro was just a complete and utter ripoff of RAW.
  • Scott Hall and Kevin Nash never really got over in WCW. It was Vince who made them over, and WCW simply bought that success.
  • Because WCW never had an original idea. They merely raided WWE talent.
  • Yes, the company was called WWE in 1996.
  • In fact they doctored a magazine from the 80's to say "WWE".
  • The cruiserweights were all superover, and were in fact bigger draws than everyone else.
  • Excluding the guys that Bischoff/Turner stole from WWE.
  • And Flair of course.
  • Using celebrities was stupid stupid stupid. Because it's clever when WWE does it, but really dumb when WCW did it.
  • Goldberg was superover, moreso than everyone except the WWE guys, and Flair.
  • When Kevin Nash screwed Goldberg at Starrcade 1998, nobody cheered. In fact they stop the tape IMMEDIATELY after the 3, to make this clear.
  • Hey, wasn't there some dude with facepaint who wrestled in WCW?
  • Guess not.
  • Vince Russo is an idiot.
  • Russo was the one who brought in KISS, Megadeth, Master P, Swoll, and also the one who drove away Jericho, Wight, Malenko, Saturn and Guerrero.
  • Didn't another guy also jump with Malenko, Guerrero and Saturn?
  • Didn't think so.
  • And didn't Bret Hart also jump to WCW?
  • Well, clearly not.
  • In 2000 EVERYTHING that went wrong can be blamed on three men....Bischoff, Nash and Russo.
  • There were NO other factors involved in the Fall of WCW.
  • They should have kept the belt, sorry the TITLE, on Flair, who is the Greatest Wrestler of All Time.
  • Seriously I could have sworn there was this dude with white facepaint, a long black coat and a baseball bat.
  • And he had a big muscular buddy with blonde hair.
  • Maybe that was just a dream.
  • When Vince bought WCW he was determined to keep it alive and make a success of it.
  • And by gum, he did just that.

If you thought that The Mexican's book with RD Reynolds was bad, well this DVD is far far worse.

There's also 2 DVDs featuring the "best WCW matches ever". Featuring LOTS of Ric Flair. And no Bret Hart.

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