Richard Vincent Dunbeck III (born June 14, 1987), aka REDUNBECK~!, is a universally loved member of the F4W Empire. His wacky antics, astute observations, masterful comedic timing, and droll sense of humor have made him a favorite of everyone who has encountered him. He is also known for his brilliant and painstakingly detailed reviews of classic crappy pay-per-view events.

Bitter Rivalry with Chico Alvarez Edit

The one notable exception to the rule is Chico Alvarez, a diminutive, border-hopping Mexican with a Napoleon complex who openly harbors a deep and irrational hatred for redunbeck. It is indeed Chico who gave redunbeck his name. On an episode of the Bryan and Vinny Show, Alvarez blatantly mispronounced redunbeck's actual screen name (rdunbeck) as redunbeck. Deeply offended by this obviously purposeful attack, redunbeck declared war against the teeny tyrant, only to be faced with temporary banishment from the Empire. This banishment killed any momentum the war effort had, and redunbeck returned beaten and shamed. He adopted the horribly mispronounced version of his screen name to remind himself and others of Chico's habit of viciously insulting people. redunbeck hopes, to this day, that there will eventually come a day when he will lead a successful effort to topple the throne of Chico Alvarez. For now, he merely watches and waits from the shadows, where he also watches and reviews crappy old PPV's.

Random Facts Edit

Utterly despises the sound of whistling.

Considers Fred Savage's magnum opus The Wizard to be the finest film ever made.