Original producer of Wrestling Observer Live back in the eYada days. He is most remembered for confronting James from Kentucky on the Rush & Molloy show about why James got banned from the show.

As of his last appearance on Figure Four Daily, he has been out of the radio business, though he does part-time work at FOX News Radio and does football updates for 1050 ESPN Radio in NYC.

Great moments in Producer Al historyEdit

Molloy: Now Al, how could you kick off James from Kentucky? He says you said he was a dull caller.
Al: Exactly.
Molloy: Well, what do you want him to do?
Al: Be less dull.
Molloy: Tell jokes?
Al: No, not tell jokes, but contribute something positive to the show. Which he does not.

James from Kentucky: I call there to talk to the superstars, not to act like a fool, which they think I am.
Molloy: They don't think you're a fool! You do not think he's a fool, Al. He's not a fool.
Al: <silence>

Al: I know that you used to be a caller on WCW Live! and they hated you on there too...
James From Kentucky: No they didn't...
Al:OH YES THEY DID, trust me!

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