The Pro Wrestling Torch (aka PWTorch, The Torch, The Keller, and That Bullshit Observer Wannabe) is a half newsletter which often gives false rumors and filled with shitty. The Torch was once highly respected, but post-1996, it evolved into a joke of a publication that never broke news, unless the news was made up by editor Wade Keller.

The Torch is published weekly (aside from weeks where Wade is on vacation), during business "off hours". Experts are puzzled as to how people still subscribe.

The Torch covers mainly WWE and TNA, as well as some focus on indies. It recently began covering UFC, which Keller hilariously provides match star-ratings for.

The Torch has several columnists, including Bruce Mitchell and the embarrassingly bad Pat McNeill. Also on staff is Sean Radican, who may have either been lobotomized at some time in is youth, suffered some sort of other brain trauma or ate too many paint chips as a child, depending on which rumor you chose to believe. Despite the fact that he can barely speak English, Wade Keller allows him to record audio shows for his site.

The Torch is rumored to have been good during the years. I honestly don't see how this could be possible.

Some feel that it is better than Figure Four Weekly because it has actual news. These people are often referred to as Trolls.