Pro Wrestling Illustrated or simply PWI was once the leading professional wrestling magazine. It was founded in 1979 by Bill Apter as a "serious" wrestling magazine, as opposed to his other magazines, The Wresler and Inside Wrestling which contained sensationalized accounts of wrestlers' supposed out-of-the-ring activities. Well "supposed" in all cases, except Terry Funk who legitimately DID all the crazy shit those magazine said he did.

For much of the 80's no young mark could be without this magazine, which treated good ol' Rasslin as a 100% legit shoot sport. Regular features included hypothetical "Who would win?" matches, with Ric Flair always coming out on top. Likewise, Flair ALWAYS won the "Wrestler of the Year" award, supposedly voted for by the readers. And there were always "Which is better? NWA or WWF?" specials, with the NWA always being better, mainly because they had Ric Flair.

PWI also was infamous for the fact that there were only two middleaged Jews working for the magazine, yet there were like 20 regular "contributors", all of who were fictitous alter egos of those 2 dudes. Many columns focused on what the "real-life guy" had been up to that weekend, eg. going to McDonald's, listening to Dire Straits etc.

Can it be any wonder then that with the rise of the intraweb, the destruction of Kayfabe, and the rise of Wrestling "dirtsheets" like Dave's Observer, and Wade Keller's Torch, that Pro Wrestling Illustrated was DOOMED DOOMED? (and no The Mexican's crappy sheet doesn't count!)

Actually, PWI lives on today, only no one buys it. They finally broke Kayfabe around 2000 or so, and in 2005 they came up with...gasp...a website.

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