"Pretty" Paul Roma

"Pretty" Paul Roma (Paul Centopani), an outstanding professional wrestler -- heavily decorated with numerous tag team title reigns, multiple Meltzer five star match reviews, and PWI Wrestler of the Year awards-- is most known for carrying the Four Horsemen during 1993 after Tully Blanchard, as is his dumbass nature, took a wild ride snorting the white devil during negociations with World Championship Wrestling.

Roma was such a big star that despite the team consisting of Anderson, Flair, and himself.. the fourth, formerly empty spot was in fact, taken by his ridiculously good looks.

The former champion also declared that Ric Flair was always envious of his chiseled Herculean physique, and has made him cry numerous times backstage.

Unlike Arn, Roma always remembered the Fourth Horseman.

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