Neville Lobo (Cunt of Cunts)Edit

The Early Years of the CuntEdit

Neville Bartrus Lobo the 3rd was born on March 15th, 1963 in a small village in the Eastern Ghats of India; His father the famous Dhalsim of Street Fighter 2 fame, his mother a domestically raised llama. Neville's childhood was spent tending to his mother teets and gathering saffron to support his family (following his father's death at the hand's of Shadowlaw Mercenary and Thai Boxing Champion Sagat); In the mid-70's Neville left India on a spice trading ship and made his way to Dubai.

The Makings of a CuntEdit

While in Dubai, Neville studied under the tutalege of the infamous Interior Decorator Sheika Khalid; He lived with Sheika for close to 15 years, weaving carpets, charming snakes and learning the art of male on male belly dancing. In 1991, Neville had a falling out with Sheika (rumors abound that Neville was caught trying to poisen Sheika's life partner with a curry dish laced with Drano, though Sheika refuses to comment);

Neville then took to the streets of Dubai, where he supported himself as a low level prostitute. It wasn't until another 15 years had passed, that Neville met JimmyLazers . After a passing sexual encounter in an alley way, Jimmy told Neville he was holding a rave in an abandoned warehouse; The prospect of so many male clients intrigued Neville and he attended the ill-fated rave. It was at this rave that Nevile found his calling... Event Planning. Neville saw the low turn out and shabby refreshments, and in return for a Moby cassette tape and a canister of greek yogurt Neville contacted most of his male clients and put together the greatest drug induced rave the city had ever seen. It was at that event that an unknown Sheik took notice of Neville's talents and hired him as his personal palace event planner and fuck boy.

Recently a CuntEdit

Neville has made a great life for himself as the Sheik's Event Coordinator. Financial reports state that Neville made nearly $16K US last year and has been spotted around Dubai in a luxurious 1997 Honda Accord. Neville has also become COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Michael Chiklis of The Sheild. So much so that the actor recently placed a restraining order on Neville, ordering him not to come within of 3,500 miles of the Fantastic Four Star. This however, has not detoured Neville, as he has been arrested several times for dressing in black face and attempting to sneak into various cast parties.

Cunt ControversyEdit

In 2010, Neville was taking a pleasant train ride with male companions when he was spit on by JNBCigars ; Neville flew into a rage and was knocked unconscious.

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