Nabillia in a one man pose-off(He came 1st)

Nabillia (born October 31 1990) is the boards first and only citizen of Moroccan decent. being of Moroccan decent, Nabillia has managed to build up a slew of enemies. Nabillia was quoted in saying "People hate me because i have so much Mediterranean spice. Life isn't fair for these people so i just take it on the chin"

despite Nabillias near unanimous unpopularity, he has a small cult following which consists of several board legends which includes, klitts Michael Coughlin Hath Granny wesdestiny among others.

Nabillias controversial friendship with granny has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, including the chief of the empire Bryan Alvarez. the feud between Nabillia and Bryan rages on to this day.

During Boardamania III Nabillia was banished from the board. "i do not take this personally. it was no surprise considering the haters i have." Nabillia went off record to state that he hopes to return in the fall of 2011.

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