Is "the next evolution of WWE".

Proved this when it was cancalled after a few months, and is now only watched by a handful of basement dwellers on the intraweb.

Helped to launch the careers of Legends such as Michael Tarber, Husky Harris, Eli Cottonwood, Jacob Novak and Lucky Cannon.

Every week "the next evolution of WWE" take part in obstacle courses, unfunny comedy segments, and get to job to Hornswoggle and William Regal(amongst others).

Originally had "pros" who were there as mentors, but these pros often got shitcanned by WWE for "wellness policy violations".

Then again, the same thing will likely happen to most of the NXT guys.

Former NXT reject Daniel Bryan won the Money in the Bank briefcase, and may actually get to cash it in himself.

First season winner Wade Barrett once looked like he was getting a proper push, but has since been put in his place by John Cena.

Second season winner LowKavavall left WWE immediately, as it sucks so much.

Despite not even airing on tv, and only airing over the web, WWE will never can NXT, as it would be an admission of failure by Vince McMahon, and it's a way to use up guys who WWE has no fucking idea what to do with.

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