Mystery Man was one of WCW's last stupid ideas before they mercifully died.

The Mystery of His Identity Solved, Mystery Man Never Did Reveal the Answer to the Mystery of Who Thought This Was a Good Idea

Involved random people showing up in a costume that looked like a bumble bee as envisioned by a third grader, attacking other people, and then removing the mask to reveal they weren't the "Real Mystery Man". How anyone could know who was or wasn't the real deal when the Man's identity was, in fact, a MYSTERY is unknown. Not that anyone writing the show ever stopped to think about that. Mystery Man was eventually revealed to be Road Warrior Animal in a shocking moment. Shockingly dull, that is.

The Ballad of Mystery Man Edit

Mystery Man, Mystery Man
Solving mysteries, getting tan
Costume like a giant can
He's the God damned Mystery Man

~Super Chico

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