Mistico's busy schedule.

His name is IGNACIO ALMANZA. Do you understand that, Wikipedia?

Signed under the name "Sin Cara" in WWE, where Michael Cole will mispronounce it at least 85 times per broadcast.

Now known as Sin Cara, Botched Spot mascot.

Messed up 95.5% of the time in WWE.

Failed in WWE due to botching too much.

Was transparently replaced by Hunico who became more successful there than he was (and didn't botch all the time).

Once broke a finger in a match with Alberto Del Rio and demanded the match be stopped. Del Rio responded by beating the shit out of him even more.

Also, once tried to rob Del Rio with his pussy friends, but failed.

Bones suspected to be made of glass.

Wore a mask with no eye holes to ensure he never saw a "disgusting" country like America with his own eyes. Ironically, he didn't have X ray vision and couldn't see during his matches.

Matches were dimly lit to ensure the audience didn't see how much he sucked in the ring.

Resents Kalisto for having actual talent and getting over with crowds. Sends him profane letters that he wrote while drinking Tequila.

Hosts cockfights for Midgets under AAA rings after events. Free entry.

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