Current photo of Sempervive (in red)

Mike "Semp" Sempervive, currently residing in some place, Briscoeland, USA, is one half of the dynamic duo with Adam Summers that forms the Big Audio Nightmare, the unde3errated phenomenon of the F4W Empire. He also does a great Dusty "Dweem" Rhodes impression. He is a fan of boxing, and therefore understands how important a PURE SPORTS BUILD is. The name Sempervive means a Houseleek, which is a type of plant of the Crassulaceae family (This is completely true. Look it up).

Matt Hamill Controversy Edit

Mike once impersonated Ultimate Fighter retard Matt Hamill on the air, being recorded against his will by then-rudo Adam Summers. What a DICK! Of course, if you think this you're an over sensitive pussy.

On August 16, 2007, Mike edited the F4W wiki to complain that little, if any, progress has been made in the work on his profile. He blamed this situation on that son of a bitch Joe Gagne, who has been riding off his coattails for years.

On January 4, 2009, SEMP (typing in the third person) edited the F4W wiki to complain that nearly no progress has been made in showering love and praise upon him. He is not happy.

In irony news, he received a box of UFC trading cards and pulled out an autographed MATT HAMILL. He was amused.

Sean Avery Edit

Just a big ol' shit who complains about sloppy seconds. Currently awaiting trial in Texas for practicing sodomy with one Martin Brodeur.

Not to be confused with Mike's wee scamp, Sean Avery Sempervive. (yes he seriously named his kid that. I think, this thing may all be worked.) Both are sodomites though, they got that going for them.

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