The host of Five Star Radio~!

Coughlin in his natural habitat

Total Pussy. Backed out of an MMA fight with Peach Machine.

Homophobic and VERY racist. Will often get involved in flame wars in threads where he is ranting and raving while everyone else is completely ignoring him and continuing with the business of the thread, much like normal people walking down the street will simply step around the lunatic with the tin-foil helmet talking about anal probes. Traveled to Hong Kong with his ex-girlfriend and failed in his attempt to punch a monkey. Many believed this to be a ploy to defraud money from the board members.

Failed a drugtest, therefore called a dipshit by Bryan Alvarez.

Is a Model for Apple's iPhone.

Got fired in May 2015 after getting in a slapfight with Todd Martin on THE BOARD and Bryan and Dave's general displeasure with him.