Mauro after his successful unibrow surgery

You may know Mauro Ranallo as an anchor for The Fight Network) but most people outside of Canada don't get this channel. You may know Mauro Ranallo from his play-by-play for EliteXC but according to Bryan Alvarez most people don't subscribe to Showtime. If you know Ranallo at all you're probably one of those hardcores who watched PRIDE (not THAT pride) - other than that his appearances on Figure Four Daily are a mystery to 74.5% of the listening audience.

Mauro Ranallo trivia Edit

  • Mauro has been known to consume an entire bottle of Black Velvet in one sitting.
  • Once challenged Bas Rutten to an arm wrestling match and lost in 5 seconds (including the three it took him to sit down first).
  • Used to do play-by-play with Bad News Allen for Stampede Wrestling, but nobody outside Canada has seen that either.
  • Was fired by a real gaywad because he used too many wrestling references in MMA fights.

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