The Master Brothers, #1 and #2, are a tag team that wrestles on the ECW brand of the WWE. Nothing is known of these men. Speculation has arisen that they may be related to Smackdown! muscleman Chris Masters, perhaps with a brother (singular) combining to form the pecs of Masters (plural). There is also speculation that both may be the clones of TNA's Blond Natural.

Revealed on Smackdown that they are not actually brothers; they just wanted to get noticed. Now look like Edge.

Zack Ryder is an overrated annoying wrestler. Is now in the position he was meant to do. Job.

And he's still complaining about not being pushed enough. Maybe if you weren't an overrated sack of shit with a stupid comedy gimmick then maybe you'll win the US title again. Santino is more legitimate than Ryder. Fuck him.

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