Not even part of The Board anymore, but still mentioned.

Had feuds with rovert, hardcore hogan, reek, Neville, Metz family gimmicks, and The Hitmans House.

Board mentors included JNB Cigars, Klitts.

Friends include LoganTT, 1silva, Oriental Heat, Klitts, bpapa, bigdiswrestling, JosephX and DC Sniper.

Do not dare talk shit about John Lennon, England, and his many 70s & 80s heroes to him.

He wishes it was still 1986.

Left The Board in a Meltdown in summer 2013.

Conspiracy theorist.

Appears on podcasts including Logan PWO, 80s Movies, and his own Way Back Ren.

Worships female celebs on twitter like Anna Kendrick and Claudia Winkleman.

Works in security.

A fan of Chelsea, Oakland Raiders, New York Yankees.

Tore his bicep in 2013. Possibly 'roids related.

Called himself a fat slob on Twitter in early 2014.

Suspended from Twitter in early 2014 for possibly failing a 'roids test. No breaking news audio though.

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